Kairntech Taking up the symbolism of Kairn in a conceptual design approach.​​​​​​​
Logotype, motion design, marketing film 
Karting League Ile de France - Logotype - create a strong identity around motor sport
Abel production - Logotype - create a typography specific to the brand
2M Recrutement - Logotype - Strengthen the brand name
Level - Logotype, application mobile, tool for training and evaluation
Republik Events - Logotype - Relying on a disruptive brand name 
Rocabilo - creator of climbing holds. Logotype, Brand identity, commercial support
Derzor - Logotype - Art Exhibition for the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
Les Ateliers du Serres - Logotype - Building a design that reflects the shape of the place
SPG Entreprise générale - Logotype - create an identity with a trigram 
MCM- Logotype - reflecting the associative fabric through the tree
Le Mouching - Logotype - Adaptation
Aldinifoods - a Butchery, Delicatessen, Catering Franco Japanese - Adaptation of a manga
Labelys - Logotype + integration of an existing symbol
Culture France - Block mark stature, simplicity 
Studio photo FRLB - Graphic design

Krups Europe - Graphic charter
Rocabilo  - Graphic charter
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